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Activation Energy: Connecting Scientists With new Technologies

SciLeads and Thielsen Capital forge a partnership to bring cutting edge life science tools into the hands of more researchers.

[DUBLIN, Ireland & BEND, OREGON, United States]

SciLeads, an innovative lead generation and market intelligence platform that helps scientific companies identify, engage and close their ideal buyers, announced today their partnership with Thielsen Capital, the first seed-stage financing syndicate network focused exclusively on life science tools startups.

“We built this partnership on years of working together and brainstorming ways to shorten the gap between commercialization and commercial success for companies.” Daniel McRitchie, CEO of SciLeads shared.

Launched in 2016, SciLeads is trusted by hundreds of scientific companies globally to accelerate sales and drive growth. Containing the world’s most accurate and comprehensive database of research scientists, SciLeads enables sales and marketing teams to identify, engage and qualify their ideal prospects.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with SciLeads and bring their expertise, experience, and platform to working with our current and future portfolio companies. With SciLeads, we are able to bring their forged-in-the-trenches advice and practices in go-to-market and sales with their world-class platform for prospecting.” said Mike Stadnisky, Ph.D. Managing Director of Thielsen Capital.

The partnership brings SciLeads tools for startups to companies being built by Thielsen at the pre-seed and seed stages. This will bring SciLeads tools to Thielsen portfolio companies to enable them to invest in sales closers rather than prospectors, view accurate competitor pricing, focus on funded prospects, expand using their early adopter network, and access hundreds of leads from trade shows.

Paired with Thielsen’s network of life science researchers and operators and playbook for life science tools companies, the offering is intended to connect researchers with the tools they need to significantly advance their projects and drive discovery.