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Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 SAMPS Awards!

At the ceremony on the 26th October, there were so many excellent candidates for each award, and we definitely don’t envy the judges who had to make the decisions!

Every year just keeps getting better

Now in its third year, the awards were bigger and better than ever! While last year they were hosted in person, this year the ceremony was moved onto a virtual platform to allow people from across the globe to join in the excitement!

There were three categories that were brand new for 2023, Manager of the Year, Best use of AI of the Year, and a very special award for Lifetime Achievement, bringing the total awards up to 11. That’s 11 individuals and companies with something to celebrate!

The ceremony was hosted by Laura Haldane, Founder and VP of Sales and Marketing from SciLeads, and you can watch the entire ceremony on demand here.

The finalists and the winners are….

Company of the Year sponsored by Covalent Bonds


Organomation (Winner)

Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI)




Hello Bio



Startup of the Year sponsored by CG Life

Cambrian Bioworks

GenRAIT, Inc.

Steritas (Winner)

Cache DNA

Predictive Monitor

Officinae Bio

Marketing Professional of the Year sponsored by UP THERE, EVERYWHERE

Karen Possemato, Seer bio

Aubray Prévot, Biopharmark

Kaylee Mueller, Nabsys (Winner)

Sebastian Fiedler, Fluidic Analytics

Johanne McGregor, eMolecules

Becky Lamont, Congenica

Sales Professional of the Year sponsored by Bioinformatics

Justin Duplantis, The Bioinformatics CRO (Winner)

Daniel Gercke, Transnetyx

Hanan Qasim, IonOptix

Charles Ball, Hurdle

Idhnan Hussain, Curiox Biosystems

Niamh Higgins, Green Leaf Scientific

Support Professional of the Year sponsored by Azo Life Sciences

Sheila Schwabe, BioPorto Diagnostics

Susan Labuschagne, Red Box Direct

Deb Hogan, Chem-Impex

Jon Moulton, Gene Tools

Orla O’Connor, Red Box Direct Limited

Shruthi Narayana, Thermo Fisher (Winner)

Young Person of the Year sponsored by The Linus Group

Kaylee Mueller, Nabsys

Rohit Asil, Cambrian Bioworks

Sarah Johnson, Organomation

Susanna Harris, Stellate Communications (Winner)

Taylor Capito, GenRAIT

Kathy Zhong, Snthesis

Manager of the Year sponsored by HDMZ

Swati Sharma, Springer Nature

Ben Broedel, Athena Environmental Sciences

David Oliva, Organomation

Connie O’Donnell, Fluidic Analytics (Winner)

Kathleen Beaulieu, Brandwidth Solutions

Embriette Hyde, Biofluent Communications

Lifetime Achievement Award sponsored by Biocompare

This award recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to Sales and Marketing in the Sciences. They will have made a truly remarkable contribution to our industry in their career through their leadership.

The winner is Bill Kelly, co-founder of Bioinformatics.

Campaign of the Year sponsored by Altitude Marketing

Growth Catalyst Lab

mBrainTrain (Winner)

Stoelting Europe

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Best AI use of the Year sponsored by Biostrata

Arima Genomics (Winner)

NanoString Technologies

KPM Analytics



Content of the Year sponsored by Scaler Marketing

Predictive Monitor

Lauren Perna Communications


Cambrian Bioworks

Aurora Scientific

Opentrons (Winner)

Congratulations to all of the finalists, and of course the very deserving winners!

Looking forward to the live event in Boston

As a SaaS platform, we are constantly investigating the role of AI in science, and will be continuing our SAMPS sponsorship at their live event in Boston, MA on the 6th December.

Laura Haldane will again be hosting and introducing the excellent speakers. Keep checking the site as new speakers will be being added the closer we get to the event!

Get involved with SAMPS

If you, like us at SciLeads, want to be more involved with SAMPS, there are several things you can do right now!

  1. Book your space at the AI trends in science and marketing event in Boston in December
  2. Get in early and make your nominations for the SAMPS awards 2024
  3. Join SAMPS to get the latest news in sales and marketing in science!