Real Time Access to Covid-19 Research Landscape

Access more than 69,300 researchers working to combat COVID-19

Access to Researchers Working on Covid-19

Use the SciLeads platform to access +69,300 COVID-19 research leads from over 101 countries.






Clinical Trials







Discover and understand these potential prospects quickly and in detail with complete profiles including publications, grants, posters, symposia and news announcement information.

Identify the Labs with Money to Spend

Governments and funding agencies around the world have allocated substantial resources to fund COVID-19 research and have implemented unusually swift funding rounds.

Identify the Labs with Money to Spend

SciLeads’ COVID-19 database contains over 10,000 grants worth $27b from over 2,800 funding sources across 101 countries, enabling you to identify the scientists with money to spend on your technologies or devices to support their research in working to combat COVID-19.

We’ll show you who has received grants for research activities including diagnostic, vaccine and drug development, epidemiology and public health.

Stay up to date and receive SciLeads’ real time notifications from funding sources including venture capital, government, NGO and foundations.

The Fastest Growing COVID-19 Lead Database in the World

With up to 9,000 COVID-19-related researchers added to our platform each month, continue to grow your sales pipeline and develop new opportunities faster.

The Fastest Growing COVID-19 Lead Database in the World

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