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How does SciLeads Compare to Generic Lead Generation?

When scientific sales and marketing professionals are looking to fill the top of their sales funnel they are faced with a number of options. While some will battle with LinkedIn searches to find leads, most will opt for some kind of lead generation platform to search through a high volume of prospects quickly.

Here we look at how generic lead generation platforms – which contain data across all industries – compare with sector-specific platforms such as SciLeads – which only has data on those in BioPharma and life science related fields.

What Generic Platforms and SciLeads have in common

Generic lead platforms and the SciLeads platform both provide contact data of thousands of prospects across the globe. The databases are searchable by fields such as job title, company name and location to narrow down the prospects to a manageable number to reach out to.

As well as information such as first and last name, job title, company name there are also contact details such as email, phone number and LinkedIn profile where available. Some platforms will also include funding information or details of the latest mergers and acquisitions companies are involved in.

For those who are looking to sell cross-industry, this information is often absolutely enough! However, for those who need much more detailed information in order to find and reach out to niche BioPharma and academic prospects, a more tailored solution is required.

What SciLeads has That Generic Platforms do not

SciLeads’ lead generation platform only contains those working in BioPharma and scientific industries. For a start this often makes us much less expensive than generic platforms that provide across multiple industries! But more importantly, SciLeads contains a wealth of information that generic platforms do not contain:

1. Advanced Search Capabilities by Application Area – To narrow down prospects who are working in an exact target field and are most likely to respond to targeted campaigns.

2. Extensive Coverage of Scientific Tradeshows – Make decisions on which tradeshows to attend, to arrange meetings in advance of events with prospects, and see which competitors are involved in which conferences.

3. Rich Funding Data – SciLeads contains funding information from thousands of grants across the world to discover who among the target market has money to spend. Plus which BioPharma companies have just received investment or been involved in mergers and acquisitions.

4. Access to Relevant Publications – Giving sales and marketers more information to inform and tailor their campaigns, plus find who is purchasing competitor products, at what price point.

5. Network Diagrams for Identifying Similar Leads – To secure warm introductions from introductions to those in your existing network who are connected with others in your target audience.

6. Mapping the Purchasing Landscape – Get help with market positioning and product launch with extensive purchase order information from individuals and businesses. Discover who is purchasing competitor products and when they may need to be renewed.

SciLeads is the Lead Generation Platform for Science

For Science and Marketing professionals who want to spend more time on converting lead and less time on research, a lead generation platform created specifically for their industry is a must-have. Not only is there a huge amount of additional, relevant information about each of their targets searchable in the platform, but SciLeads customers can easily set up alerts to be notified whenever a notable event occurs regarding an individual or company so they never miss a reason to reach out.

This is why companies big and small use SciLeads year on year to boost their go-to-market strategy and secure the highest return on investment for the sales and marketing activities.

For more details download the full PDF or request a free demo of SciLeads below!