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We would like to introduce you to two exciting new updates to the SciLeads platform that will make your KOL targeting even easier - Research Impact and Funding Standardisation.

Research Impact

The importance of a researcher's work on an international or national scale is crucial in finding your KOLs, and organising your campaign lists. You need to know the relevancy of their work to what you’re selling, but also the significance of their work will likely dictate access to funding and likelihood of collaborations.

We want you to see the importance of a researcher's work based on their publications. This is sometimes known as h-index, but in SciLeads we call it the Research Impact.

It’s simple: the higher the score, the more important the research.*

*based on citations a paper receives and the impact factor of the journal the paper is published in.


So why is this useful for finding KOLs?

  • You can quickly filter by Research Impact so only researchers with a high average score appear in your search. This is one way to target significant leaders in their field
  • The score is combined with a minimum number of publications - this means one paper doesn't skew the average
  • We show you a three year average and an all time average so you can see if the researcher is becoming more impactful or less.

The Research Impact score is now available in the Advanced/KOL tab in the filters section. You can set your own criteria using minimum publications and minimum research impact or you can use our shortcut.

If you want to get started on using research impact and funding standardisation searches now, here are helpful Boolean fields:

  • ThreeYearHIndexAverage
  • AllTimeHIndexAverage
  • ThreeYearHIndexTotal
  • AllTimeHIndexTotal
  • ThreeYearTotalFunding
  • AllTimeTotalFunding


Funding Standardisation Update

Searching by funding has long been one of the most popular ways people find KOLs and direct campaigns in SciLeads. Searching by funding amounts and grants allows you to clearly see the high profile teams and individuals in your market of interest.

In the world of international business, it’s great that there’s so many diverse funding sources, and we are proud of the extensive list of global sources that we show you on our platform. This amazing coverage means multiple currencies which can make comparing researchers and research groups slightly tricky - we don’t all have economic backgrounds!

That’s why, we have now standardised all grant awards into USD across the entire platform.

This means that you will now be able to search across researchers and results will be in USD. You’ll still be able to see the original currency and value (whether it be Euro, GBP, etc) on the grant, but your search will be much more efficient and streamlined.

Want to know more? Book a personal demonstration of our latest updates with a Customer Success Manager here.

How to use the funding standardisation feature

In the main search, the grant will show up in USD and on the grant page in the original currency. For example, with a UK-based researcher, the funding will be clearly visible in USD, and once you click into the grant, it comes up in the original currency.

Standardising into USD is going to massively improve your funding searches, and make life a lot easier.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Now you can compare grant awards and funding totals using just one currency
  • You can see both the ‘All Time Total’ and the ‘3 Year Total’ which will show you how significant a contact is over their research lifespan, and how successful their current projects are. You can see this data on both the main search result page, and the funding tab on the researcher profile.
  • You can search across researchers for min and max funding - essential to help you find KOLs or simply well funded research. Standardisation makes this process incredibly simple.

Customers can find out more and get a personal demonstration of our latest updates by contacting their Customer Success Manager. Or, if you haven’t experienced the SciLeads platform before, book a quick demo and free trial here.

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