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Lists are now even more powerful

The SciLeads lists feature is already an optimal way to organize data. Teams are using it for everything, from managing lead generation campaigns to collaborating on potential Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

We’ve added new features to the list function, as has been widely requested. The tool is now going to help you save time, and opens up lots of possible use cases for life science marketing and customer relationship management.

Let's take a look

List Inclusion

Create a list of researchers, and search only those researchers. Benefits include;

  • More relevant referral opportunities
  • Find your customers, add their collaborators to a list, and then use the List Inclusion filter in the main search area to filter on keywords and geography. This will find the collaborators that are the best prospects for you (bonus: we have made it easier to add a researcher's collaborator network to a list with a button on the collaborators tab)
  • Cross sell your products
  • Create a list of your existing customers. Now, you can search and filter only your existing customers to see who is working in other application areas of interest, and know immediately which of them is relevant.

List Exclusions

Create a list of researchers and exclude them from your results. Benefits include;

  • Remove current customer/prospects
  • Sometimes you’re only looking for new prospects. Exclude all your existing lists so that everyone appearing in your search is a new prospect.
  • Avoid duplication in your campaigns
  • The exclusion feature helps prevent overlapping in campaigns. For example, create a genomics campaign, then exclude your genomics list when you create your oncology campaign. This way you avoid having the same prospect in both!

Timing is everything

That’s why we’ve made sure to connect lists and alerts. Now, when you create a search with a list you can turn it into an alert. Maybe you want to know when your prospects get a grant or make a publication so you have a reason to reach out and create some customer interaction? Lists and alerts make it happen, helping you stay ahead of the curve and be the first to find out about new voices.

For best practice tips on how to email your newly curated leads, take a look at our blog on ‘3 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid’.


Anyone on your team with a SciLeads login can collaborate on a single list! Create a list and choose the permission level for your team members. Add, remove and view together to create the optimal campaigns for your activities.

We think the list building feature is going to become your new best friend in data organization, so let’s take a look at how exactly to do it:

  1. Search your keyword or application, and apply your relevant filters.
  2. Once you get your results, on the contact that is relevant, hit ‘Add to List’. This allows you to add the contact to a created list. Or, you can add all the contacts that come up at once by pressing ‘Add All to List’ at the top.

screenshot1.png screenshot2.png screenshot3.png screenshot4.png

  1. Contact is added to the curated list!

screenshot5.jpg screenshot6.jpg

To make a new list, head to the Lists Tab:

  1. Hit ‘Create New List’
  2. Name list whatever makes sense for you
  3. Create list, and you’re done!

screenshot8.jpg screenshot9.jpg

The advanced setting is to then use the list feature in your searches, let’s see how to do this…

  1. Create your lists as above
  2. In your search, you can include or exclude lists in the advanced filter section


  1. You can include or exclude lists on your personal alerts, and this can always be edited.

Sales Force Integration

Our List Feature is also now intelligently designed to integrate with SalesForce for optimal lead nurturing and sales funnel management. This means that you can seamlessly and instantaneously push your SciLeads lists into your CRM system - keeping your target audience data exactly where it needs to be, and keeping your campaigns as informed and hassle-free as possible.

SciLeads has helped many marketing teams and sales teams maximize their potential - If you have any further questions, or want to have a chat about the lists and searches functionality of SciLeads - just get in touch! We are always happy to help in any way that we can.

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