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Q&A with Brian Cronin, Partnerships Manager

Q&A with Brian Cronin, Partnerships Manager

What did you do before joining SciLeads?

Before joining SciLeads I worked as a Pharmacist! I was interested in life science technology and had completed some further education in the industry as well.

What made you want to join SciLeads?

I wanted to work in life sciences technology and in a fast-growing startup. I also highly valued that the company was fully remote. After my interview, I knew the culture would be a great fit.

You have recently progressed with the company, what role did you start out in and how has this changed since you joined?

I started in the company as an SDR(Sales Development Representative) and learned about the product and industry through speaking with potential customers about our offerings.

Over time, I progressed into the Partnerships manager role. I am now responsible for revenue that comes from partners. These are generally agencies or organizations that work with and support our customers.

I am finding this role enjoyable because I get to learn so much from the experience.

What have been your successes and challenges within your role(s)?

I had good success in the SDR role and have since progressed into the Partnerships Manager role.

In terms of challenges, there are always times in any role responsible for revenue when there can be pressure. That being said, I have always found these periods exciting and learned a lot from them.

What knowledge/skills have you gained since joining the company?

I have gained knowledge in the biotechnology industry and learned about commercial practices from some of our clients and partners.

In my role as Partnerships manager, I often work alongside our sales team and partners throughout the whole sales cycle - from the first point of contact through to renewals. As such, I have been able to learn about the entire sales process and experience.

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Have you used your personal development allowance or how do you plan to use it?

I have used some of my personal development fund to join a professional community for people in Partnerships. This helped me to learn from others in the industry and provided me with access to resources I would not have otherwise had. I still have some money left on it, and I think I will use it to buy some books and courses to improve my skills in my role.

SciLeads has a flexible and remote working policy, what does this currently look like for you?

The flexibility offered by SciLeads is one of the biggest advantages of working here. I usually start early to give myself a good run at the day then I am able to take a slightly longer lunch to allow me to go to the gym or fit in some outdoor activities.

When I return I can finish off work and tidy up my tasks to prepare for the next day.

In terms of my home office setup, SciLeads provides a WFH stipend to get you properly kitted out. I bought a standing desk and monitor to help me get a bit more movement in throughout the day!

We hear you are moving further afield. Tell us about where you are going.

Yes, I have moved temporarily to Perth, Australia. Some of my friends are living here so when SciLeads said they would support the move I jumped at the opportunity!

I feel really lucky, a lot of companies require you to be in the office 5 days a week; in SciLeads I am not even required to be on the same continent! Everyone in my team has been very supportive and we have good systems figured out for working across different time zones.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining SciLeads?

I would say you won’t regret it! The flexibility and culture is unlike anywhere else I have worked before. If you’re interested in learning fast and having the opportunity to take responsibility, you’ll love it here.

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