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Planning Your 2024 Scientific Tradeshow Calendar?

Sales and Marketing experts in the biopharma and life science sectors have traditionally relied on exhibiting at, sponsoring, and attending scientific tradeshows to generate qualified leads. But their lead generation potential is hindered by the exorbitant costs of exhibition and the extensive demands on time for both planning and attendance. Moreover, the sheer volume of numerous events held each year renders it impractical to engage in all of them.

If you are struggling to choose which events you should be involved in for 2024, or you want to validate your plans with definitive data – SciLeads are offering an exclusive free report to help.

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This image shows the top 5 events attended by those with a proven association with the keyword “CRISPR”.

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Using Data to Make Informed Tradeshow Decisions

There are a huge number of factors to consider when selecting which tradeshows to attend that will give you the biggest ROI on your event budget. Do you pick the largest events which are likely to have the highest number of your ideal prospects, but also many irrelevant attendees? Or maybe a smaller event with a higher concentration of people you would be interested in, but a smaller number of attendees overall. Should you pick several small local events, or one large international event?

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could find out which events are most attended by your perfect prospects? Those scientists or biopharma professionals that have a proven involvement with your scientific keywords, as they have, for example:

  • Authored a publication including your keyword
  • Have received a grant for a project relating to your keyword
  • Recently, or are scheduled to present a scientific poster at an event relating to your keyword And wouldn’t it be perfect if you could get this intel completely for free just by filling in a short form online?

Get a top 20 Tradeshow Report For your Keywords

Simply fill this tradeshow report request form with your company email address and chosen keywords and we will run a report from the SciLeads lead generation platform for science and email you directly with the top 20 best attended events for your goals. Usually only available to SciLeads customers, we are offering this exclusive report, completely free, to help you plan your 2024 events calendar.

Once you’ve received your report, you and your sales and marketing colleagues can make informed decisions on which events to attend, and which to just run a virtual campaign for. If you’d like to know more about how SciLeads can help you do just this, book a demo via the button below.

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