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Q&A with Paul Maguire, Sales Operations Executive

Paul lives in Belfast and recently joined SciLeads as a Sales Operations Executive.

His favourite film is Interstellar and he has a passion for snowboarding and football. We can’t wait to meet his dog Rolo at one of the upcoming dog meetups! Recently we asked him a few questions about joining SciLeads:

What did you do before joining SciLeads?

Before joining SciLeads I was a business consultant for BT and I ran my own events management business which I co-founded in September 2022. I also graduated with a biology degree in June 2023.

How did you find the interview process at SciLeads?

The interview process with SciLeads was really straightforward and transparent and was not as long and drawn out as is the case with a lot of companies today, it is a really good model for maintaining the interest of candidates.

What is a typical day like as a Sales Operations Executive?

A typical day for me as an SOE involves working through the company lists assigned to me by the project lead and categorising them. Companies that I categorise as relevant, churn, or subsidiaries are then uploaded by myself to an Apollo list. The project lead then passes that list to the Sales Development Representatives to set up demos.

My job consists of organising and updating reports, researching and compiling lists of potential clients, and using our CRM and sales automation tools.

Have you used your personal development allowance or how do you plan to use it?

I haven’t used any of my personal development allowance… yet! I’m still thinking of a good way to put it to use. I know other people in the team have used it for standing desks and luxury office chairs so I’m getting plenty of inspiration for building my ideal home office setup.

What do you enjoy most about working at SciLeads?

What I enjoy most about working for SciLeads is that you feel like the work you are doing is directly impacting the success of the company which in turn leads to enhanced motivation and enables you to genuinely enjoy your job. Also when you start you are given a clear pathway for how you will progress in the role and the milestones you will meet. You can then decide whether you want to become a Team Lead or Project Lead.

SciLeads is continuing to grow and expand its workforce globally. If you want to join one of the country’s fastest-growing tech companies then check out our available roles here.