Product Updates

SciLeads’ CRM Enrichment

Unlock new sales opportunities by revitalizing the out-of-date data already in your CRM.

Every company has old contacts cluttering up its database, but by refreshing those profiles with the latest application information, contact details, tradeshow attendance, and funding status, you can revitalize the leads you worked hard to get in the first place. Or maybe you have inherited a colleague’s old contact list and need to find a way to warm up the prospects again. Our CRM enrichment service provides a quick and cost-effective way to renew those lost connections.

SciLeads will enrich your data in 3 easy steps, at only $1 per enriched lead.


Send us a CSV file – all we need is the internal ID and email address for each required contact.


Choose the data you require from our menu of options including MeSH headings (the top 20 research areas), tradeshow attendance, latest grant information, and updated contact details. Any of the researcher fields we currently have in SciLeads can be included in the update.


We will enrich your data and send it back to you as a CSV file within 1-2 business days. This service costs only $1 per contact and we only charge you for researchers whose data has been updated.

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