Product Updates

SciLeads Enrich for Salesforce®

Enrich your Salesforce CRM with SciLeads’ unparalleled data for the scientific industry.

Top companies know the value of superior data-driven sales and marketing. By deploying SciLeads Enrich for Salesforce®, you can rapidly enhance your Salesforce data with a 360-degree view of your leads and contacts for more targeted outreach and better responses and conversions. With real-time updates, automatic and seamless enrichment, sales outreach has never been easier.

Make your prospecting more powerful and never miss an opportunity to close a deal by drawing valuable insights into your pipeline through SciLeads Enrich for Salesforce®.

Our cloud-based CRM integration will provide more comprehensive information on your existing leads and customers, providing you with a credible and up-to-date database of researchers, medical experts, scientists, key opinion leaders, and academics.

Combine the power of Salesforce and SciLeads now to gain qualified information on your existing prospects all in real-time

SciLeads Enrich for Salesforce® enables you to:

  • Gain valuable insights on leads and contacts – see recent funding, publications, trade show attendance, clinical trial data, and more, in real-time
  • Increase sales conversion rates – create more informed conversations
  • Uncover new prospecting opportunities – view your contact’s collaborators
  • Boost productivity by avoiding multiple online searches for essential prospect information – instead, insert it straight into existing workflows.

We are excited to show our customers SciLeads Enrich for Salesforce® so get set up with a free trial now by clicking here