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SciLeads Graduate Programme

The SciLeads Graduate Programme is designed to give recent university leavers valuable experience in sales, marketing, and software development in a rapidly growing SaaS company. With a focus on mentorship and support, graduates can quickly develop new skills, work on exciting and diverse projects, and earn while they learn.

Here one of our colleagues, Patricia Allen, gives an interesting insight into the Graduate Programme and how she has been able to grow and develop within SciLeads to become a Senior Sales Development Representative and Content Specialist.

How did you hear about SciLeads and what attracted you to the company?

I had finished my Masters in Conflict Transformation and Social Justice at Queen’s University Belfast and was looking for some paid work after graduating. During my job search, I saw that SciLeads were looking for some entry-level sales development reps and although the only sales experience I had was some retail work while studying, I took the chance and applied. What I liked about the company was that the job was entirely remote so I had the potential to work anywhere in the world or from the comfort of my own home. They highlighted the areas for career growth and I knew that as SciLeads was growing so much itself that it would be an amazing learning experience and I would have the opportunity to try new things and find my niche. They also prioritise a social atmosphere which is great and the team is so friendly – during my interview I felt immediately at ease.

Tell us about your experience working remotely

I started working with SciLeads in November 2020 as a sales development representative and quickly got to grips with working from home. SciLeads also gives a generous remote working allowance of £750 so I love that I can create my perfect office environment. I immediately felt part of the team despite being in a virtual environment, and although many of my colleagues also lived in Northern Ireland, because of the lockdown in place at the time, we couldn’t meet up in person. Instead, we enjoyed virtual team quizzes and beer Fridays so there was still a social aspect. This was great as I was living alone at the time, and as an extrovert, I like to feel connected to the people I work with.

What have you learned so far in your role?

With the support of the SciLeads team, I’ve been able to achieve so much more in a short amount of time than I thought that I could. I’ve been given opportunities to learn more about sales and marketing which have meant that I can try out new things, and find out which area I would like to eventually develop a career into. I knew very little about the world of sales and marketing when I started, but I was able to volunteer for different projects, and I was trusted and supported to keep learning and develop my skills. Now, I get to split my time across both sales where I work as a senior sales development rep, and marketing, where I’m involved with content, social media, and other marketing projects. The team trusts me to manage my own time and continues to encourage me to speak up when I want to try something new. It means that now I have a better idea of what sector I want to develop into, and it’s great to have industry experts guide me towards my goals.

What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge so far has also become my biggest reward as I recently took the leap to move to my dream city, Barcelona! Because the company supports complete remote working, we can work from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

I always wanted to move to live in Spain and so when I talked to the management team about it, it was amazing that they fully supported me. Now I get to work in a city that I always wanted to live in, and I still feel really close to my team back in Belfast. We have our virtual office so I get to see them every day, and, when I take visits back home we organize get-togethers so we can all meet up in person.

September 2021 – Annual Company meet-up at Cutters Warf, Belfast.

What has changed since you started?

With the support of the management team at SciLeads, I now work in marketing and am a senior sales development rep. Working with SciLeads this past year has really changed my life and I’m so grateful to everyone at SciLeads for bringing me to where I am. I see myself now on an exciting career path, surrounded by inspiring experts who are only too happy to help and guide me. I have an amazing team who are friends as much as co-workers, and I get to live where I want.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining the SciLeads graduate program?

Just go for it! I was a bit hesitant at first – it was something I hadn’t ever actually considered doing before, but I’ve never looked back. The opportunities I’ve had, the confidence I’ve built in myself, and the people I’ve met have all been incredible.

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