State of the Market Report: PAG 2024

We’ve used our Data Visualisation tool to show you the statistics of this year’s Plant and Animal Genome Conference (PAG) 2024 held in San Diego, CA.

Should you attend PAG? Tradeshows take up a lot of time, money, and resources so you need to know whether you will get a good ROI from them. To help you make your decision, the information below allows you to quickly see an overview of both the researcher and industry data in the SciLeads platform including the number of researchers and organizations attending the show and which countries they are from. For those targeting researchers you can also see the top application areas of those attending, and for those seeking BioPharma leads you can see what other tradeshows organizations frequently exhibit at.

As SciLeads covers over 1400 tradeshows each year with the data being added on average 3 weeks before each show begins, you can quickly and effectively plan your tradeshow attendance and budget allocation. Click here and we will send you a free overview of the top tradeshows for your application area.

At PAG 2024 there are 869 researchers registered to attend and 299 organizations.

Below are the specific concepts within each scientific paper the researchers have published. This year the top 3 focused research areas at PAG 24 are Gene Expression Regulation Data (Plant), Genome (Plant), and Arabidopsis. This information is beneficial to see whether many researchers are attending the show within your application area.

We also have geographical information for the researchers and organizations attending the show. As you can see most researchers and companies reside in the United States with 567 researchers and 140 companies attending. Next is the UK with 44 researchers and 20 companies, followed by Canada with 36 researchers and 14 organizations.

This data allows you to see how many people in your target territory will be in attendance and can help you judge how many staff to send to the show and/or if it’s worth having a booth.

Below you can see the percentage breakdown of the countries for both researchers and organizations this year compared to 2023. As you can see there were more researchers from the US this year.

We have also broken the data down by the top US states, with most researchers coming from California with 95, New York with 42, and Maryland with 38. As the show is in San Diego, it is understandable that researchers from California attend, but it is interesting to see that the next top state is New York on the opposite coast.

For those interested in BioPharma, the table below shows the tradeshows that these organizations also attend. The top ones are BMES, GSA and AGU. This is very useful when considering what other tradeshows to attend based on your target audience.

Below is a summary of the show’s attendees including the number of funding awards received, tradeshow sessions, and total publications.

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