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Vendors Winning Shared Instrumentation Grants in 2020

The NIH Shared Instrumentation grant (S10) is just one way for a researcher to find money for big ticket times.

If you read the analysis of 2017 – 2019, you’ll know there are familiar names who dominate the top spots and that the trend in recent years has seen a more diverse group of companies winning these awards.

That trend continues with Bruker and Thermo taking top spot and a higher number of companies than ever benefiting from an S10 grant (over 50).

One thing to note this year is the total amount awarded for s10 was $115 million. This is $25 million higher than last year, but is a result of a COVID clinical trial grant for exactly that amount. This award excluded, the overall value of 2020 S10 grants is the same as 2019.

New entrants into the top 10 this year include Sable Systems and MILabs, who both got grants worth a total of $2 million. Sable got this from 4 grants, whereas MILabs received 2 grants. Cytiva is also back in the top 10 after a one-year absence.