SciLeads is a sales and marketing Intelligence platform for scientific companies. We enable increased sales by helping you find relevant, funded researchers from across the world with all the information you need for outreach.

Our unique service lets you build searchers, create alerts and receive full contact details for better timed sales out reach.


Supercharge your Campaigns

Use SciLeads to drive more traffic to your website, bring new visitors to your booth and maximise sales visits with our high quality names and contact details. Target, engage and sell!

Increase Market Intelligence

Know and understand who your potential customers are, how much money they have, where they are located and what projects they are working on. So you know when and where to deploy your resources and what messaging to use.


Search and Export

Create finely tuned search queries to create an exact list of highly targeted potential prospects. Easily export results to excel for further analysis and follow up.


When a researcher matching your criteria gets funded you know about it. That’s all the information for outreach, straight to your inbox, at exactly the right time.


Avoid data entry by getting relevant leads sent straight to your CRM or marketing automation software. Less wasted time and more time for follow up.

Increase sales and know your market inside out