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The SciLeads lead generation platform is trusted by scientific companies of all sizes - from the 15 largest instrumentation providers to early-stage startups.

We price on a user basis so that we can scale with your organization. There are no initial set-up costs for your free SciLeads trial.

Trusted by the largest companies in the industry right down to the smallest

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on the trial period?

No, the trial access is available for as long as you need to test the platform.

Can my colleagues also trial the platform?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of people who can have a trial within your company.

Is customer support included in the price?

Yes, every client has a dedicated scientific account manager who provides unlimited support. This includes supporting any campaigns you're running, assisting with best practices on SciLeads, and continual training and onboarding for new staff.

Does your data contain different types of researchers?

Yes, SciLeads contains researchers from life science and applied research, these include contacts from academia, government labs, biotech, pharma, semiconductors and other researchers in industry.

Where does the data come from?

SciLeads compiles publicly available information from 1000s of different sources to speed up lead generation and prospecting for our clients.

Do you regularly update the database?

Yes, the database is updated in real-time as new grant awards, publications etc are announced. For that reason, our customers create alerts so that they don’t miss any new opportunities.

Can SciLeads integrate with my CRM (Salesforce)?

Yes, all CRMs are compatible with SciLeads and we have specific addons for both Salesforce and Hubspot.

I'm a distributor who only looks after a small number of countries, do you have a package to suit me?

Yes of course - we have country-specific pricing. Click above to get information on this pricing.

Client Testimonials

Over 90% of our teams prospecting efforts are focused entirely on using the SciLeads platform. It allows us to easily target the leads that are most relevant to us.


SciLeads not only helps us find new potential customers, but keep up with current ones as I get a notification every time a customer presents at a conference or publishes a paper. This is instrumental to my relationship with them and my ability to create up-to-date marketing.


We have had great success in using SciLeads to grow our email lists and maintain high engagement, as well as increase our webinar attendance by 600%.