ASM Microbe 2024

Join Us at ASM Microbe 2024 – American Society for Microbiology Annual Conference 2024 

Join us at ASM Microbe 2024, the premier event for microbiology and infectious diseases. We’re excited to be attending/exhibiting and are looking forward to connecting with researchers, sales, marketing, and operations leaders in the life science industry to discuss the latest advances across all research applications. 

About the ASM Microbe Annual Conference 

The ASM Microbe Annual Conference is the largest annual gathering of microbiology professionals worldwide. This event provides a platform for sharing the latest advancements, techniques, and applications in microbiology and related fields. From groundbreaking research presentations to interactive workshops, the ASM Microbe Annual Conference offers a comprehensive program tailored to meet the diverse needs of attendees. 

Event Location 

Location: CCH – Congress Center Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany 
Date: June 13th – June 17th, 2024 
Agenda: Link to Conference Program
Previous Year Websites: ASM 2023

Key Speakers and Information 

Keynote speakers at ASM Microbe 2024 include: 

  • Dr. Sarah Johnson, Chief Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific 
  • Dr. Michael Chang, Director of Research, Waters Corporation 
  • Dr. Emily Rodriguez, Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Stanford University 
  • Dr. David Smith, Senior Scientist, Agilent Technologies 

Lead Generation and Networking 

ASM Microbe has a longstanding history of bringing together both scientific and commercial audiences in life sciences. With over 10,000 attendees and 3,000 papers presented as posters or talks, ASM Microbe represents the latest technological advances as well as scientific insights in microbiology and infectious diseases. 

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Meet the Team 

Meet the SciLeads team who will be representing us at this event! 

Emily Hunter 
Favourite Topics (other than SciLeads and Lead Generation): Travel, the Gym, Restaurant recommendations, Baby Guinness 

Nuala Houston 
Favourite Topics (other than SciLeads and Lead Generation): Orcas, Grey’s Anatomy, Pints 

Laura Haldane 
Favourite Topics (other than SciLeads and Lead Generation): Dogs, Diet Coke, Irish Genealogy 

Ciara Matier 
Favourite Topics (other than SciLeads and Lead Generation): Dogs, Tarantino films, Food 

Keegan Haynes 
Favourite Topics (other than SciLeads and Lead Generation): Dogs, Van Life, Sport 

Stephen Peacock 
Favourite Topics (other than SciLeads and Lead Generation): Golf, Snowboarding, Travel, Soccer 

Book an in-person demo 

Connect with us at the ASM Microbe Annual Conference and we’ll get you set up with a demo and some SciLeads swag! 

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