Product Updates

Our new BioPharma Product has launched!

We are always evolving to meet our customer’s needs, recently they’ve been saying “SciLeads is amazing but can you do this for the BioPharma side of my business?”. Well, now we’ve done just that!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new BioPharma product, specially designed to provide you with accurate and updated information about companies operating in the industry sector.

So, what makes our new BioPharma product different and more valuable to our clients?

We’ve expanded our data points to include industry sources like LinkedIn and Crunchbase. This provides a more comprehensive overview of the companies and people you’re interested in, including expanded funding status.

With our upgraded interface, you can easily view information at an organizational level, providing all of the key data in one place rather than using multiple platforms in your lead generation workflow.

We still provide all of the scientific information you know and love, including tradeshow presentations, publications, and clinical trials. For each company, we have compiled a list of the talks they have given and the tradeshows they have exhibited at across almost 1000 tradeshows a year. Our advanced filtering system allows you to quickly identify ideal BioPharma companies based on employee count, funding status, therapeutic area, and tradeshows they speak or exhibit at.

You also now have visibility of contacts in the wider teams including their job titles so you can easily locate the key decision-makers. This information will help you to make more informed decisions and identify leads that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

SciLeads takes pride in the fact that our customers love our academic platform, and with the same level of care, we’ve created our new BioPharma product. Our commitment to providing high-quality data and market insights to our clients remains the same.

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