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The importance of understanding your customers

… and how customer personas can help you with it

‘The customer is the king.’ What a common saying. But it isn’t so famous for nothing. Nevertheless, it simply means that all of the customers’ desires will be satisfied. But how do you know all of your customers’ needs and desires? And how important is it to know them?

First of all, it is more than essential to know your customers’ needs and desires. How else could you be able to satisfy them? How else could you make them buy your product? You need to know your own customers, understand them. But there is one common mistake which is fatal. If your information is based on your team’s opinions and assumptions it is likely that your marketing will fail. The information must be based on facts. There are a lot of opportunities how you can gather data and information. Two of the most helpful methods are the ‘qualitative feedback’ and the ‘quantitative research’. For example, qualitative feedback means surveying your customers while quantitative research means using web analytics, internal data, etc.

To be able to really understand your customers it is helpful to create a customer persona (also referred to as buyer persona). Imagine holding a presentation: you are standing in front of a faceless crowd. You’ll likely just read your presentation. But imagine the crowd consists of your friends: everyone has a face, everyone has a name. Now that you can picture the people you are addressing to, you will tell them what you have to say, you will convince them and you will understand them. You will be able to meet their needs even better and deliver the most relevant and useful content to your audience. The customer persona works with this principle: if you have a face and a name to your customer you will get insights into what your customers are thinking and doing during the buying process. To put it simply: a customer persona is a semi-fictional prototype which represents one of your real customers. Again, it is important that the data is based on user research and web analytics. The best is to create three to five personas, but at the beginning you can start with one or two.

In conclusion, it is essential to understand your customers to be able to satisfy their needs. The customer persona can help you to gain a better understanding about your customer’s needs and how to meet them. So, if you don’t already have at least one customer persona you know what you have to do now.

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